Education For All

Over the past 10 years, ROSHNI has been tirelessly working towards providing education to underprivileged children, making a remarkable difference in their lives and communities. Their dedicated efforts have resulted in the distribution of more than 14,000 desk kits to primary students from impoverished backgrounds, ensuring they have the necessary tools to pursue their education.

In addition to providing essential school supplies, ROSHNI has taught and empowered over 3,000 poor students to date. Through their educational initiatives, these children have been given the opportunity to learn, grow, and build a better future for themselves.

Innovative Deskit Distribution by ROSHNI

One of the key aspects of ROSHNI’s work is spreading awareness about the importance of education within communities. By engaging with families, parents, and local leaders, the organization highlights the transformative power of education and encourages them to prioritize their children’s schooling. This approach has been instrumental in breaking the cycle of ignorance and emphasizing the long-term benefits of education.

ROSHNI specifically focuses on children who are trapped in domestic and commercial activities, including child labor. By providing free education facilities through ROSHNI Learning Centres, these children now have the chance to break free from exploitative circumstances and actively plan for a brighter future. The NGO’s commitment to its development goes beyond academic learning; it also includes fostering a sense of empowerment and self-worth.

The organization’s education programs are designed to address the unique challenges faced by underprivileged children, including those affected by HIV/AIDS, street children, children with disabilities, those affected by natural disasters, and children living in slums. ROSHNI recognizes the need for inclusivity and diversity within education, ensuring that every child has equal access to quality learning opportunities.


education for girls
Online Education and Deskit Distribution in Bihar-5

ROSHNI support  Girl’s Education

Furthermore, ROSHNI places special emphasis on girl education and women’s education, understanding that empowering girls and women has a ripple effect on their families and communities. By investing in their education, the organization aims to break gender barriers and create a society where everyone has equal opportunities for growth and progress.

  • We have encouraged approx 15000 Girls to enroll in school by providing them FREE basic commodities, free coaching classes.
  • Set up Free Coaching Classes at different locations in Delhi NCR there we provide free classes to 3+ girls and women.
  • We raise funds for Government school development.
  • Offer Free Books & Other Course Material to needy children.
  • Distribution of Innovative Deskit We had distributed an “Innovative DESKIT” among 1000 above poor students in Delhi, NCR, and other states.
  • Initiate English Speaking & Personality grooming classes for villages and urban Girls.

Developing the Passion for Learning

Through our Free Educational Centers located in Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

In conclusion, ROSHNI’s work in the field of education for the past 10 years has been instrumental in transforming the lives of underprivileged children. Through the distribution of desk kits, teaching thousands of students, spreading awareness, and providing free education facilities, the organization has created a platform for these children to build a better future.

By prioritizing girl education and women’s empowerment, ROSHNI is breaking down barriers and working towards a more inclusive and equal society. With their unwavering commitment and dedication, the organization continues to be a beacon of hope for underprivileged children seeking a brighter future through education.

Education For All