From Adversity to Empowerment: Sona’s Journey of Hope and Education

In the face of adversity, a young fourteen-year-old girl named Sona found herself shouldering the responsibilities of her household in the Israeli Camp, Vasant Kunj. With the loss of her parents, she was determined to provide support to her brother’s family. However, limited resources forced her to abandon her education and leave her ancestral home….

A Phoenix Rising: The Extraordinary Journey of Aziz – Rising Above Adversity with ROSHNI

In the depths of despair, Aziz’s life was a masterpiece of resilience amidst harsh realities. Join us as we uncover the awe-inspiring journey of Aziz, a name that echoes the strength and determination he possessed to overcome the odds stacked against him. Discover how ROSHNI stepped in, becoming the catalyst for transformation that forever altered…

Her family lives in a small shelter at the camp with no electricity. And although the shelters are hot and become weak after rains,

Noor Kajol likes to stay busy. The 12-year-old fills her days studying Arabic, playing games with friends, and making art. A refugee from Myanmar now living in a CARE-managed camp in Bangladesh, she left Myanmar with her family a year ago in the wave of hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing extreme violence in the…