Nurturing Dreams Amidst Challenges: Noori’s Journey of Hope and Ambition

Meet Noori, a determined 12-year-old girl who believes in staying busy and making the most of her days. Born into a migrant family from Rajasthan, Noori now resides in a ROSHNI-managed camp in Delhi. Unlike many children in the camp, she is fortunate to have her parents alive and by her side. This provides her with a sense of stability and hope for a brighter future.

Noori’s family currently lives in a small shelter within the camp, where basic amenities like electricity are absent. While the living conditions pose challenges, Noori considers living in Delhi a better option. Here, she is able to continue her education, freely roam around, play with friends, and indulge in her passion for art. In her eyes, this is a world of opportunities compared to the bleak possibilities she may have faced had she remained in Myanmar.

Noori harbors a dream of becoming a pharmacist. She believes that completing 10th grade will pave the way for her to work in a pharmacy, and she is determined to seize that opportunity. In fact, she even aspires to become a doctor, provided the circumstances allow it. Her dreams are fueled by her passion for helping others and making a meaningful contribution to society.

For Noori, education is the key to realizing her ambitions. It is the foundation upon which she can build a secure and fulfilling future. Despite the challenges of her living conditions, she understands the importance of schooling in achieving her dreams. Education not only equips her with knowledge and skills but also empowers her to break free from the limitations imposed by her circumstances.

Noori’s journey is intertwined with the support provided by ROSHNI. The NGO’s involvement in managing the camp has created an environment where Noori and others can continue their education, receive necessary care, and dream big. ROSHNI’s efforts offer hope and a nurturing space that enables children like Noori to thrive even amidst adversity.

Noori ‘s story exemplifies the resilience, determination, and unwavering hope that many children in challenging circumstances possess. Despite the limitations of her living conditions, Noori embraces the opportunities provided by her new life in Delhi. Through education and support from ROSHNI, she is on track to fulfilling her dreams of becoming a pharmacist or even a doctor. Noori’s journey emphasizes the transformative power of education and reminds us of the importance of providing a nurturing and supportive environment for children. With continued support from organizations like ROSHNI, countless children like Noori can dare to dream and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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