“Saving the environment is not an issue, it is a survival truth.”

ROSHNI, in its commitment to environmental sustainability and the betterment of our planet, has undertaken several initiatives that highlight its dedication to preserving the environment. Through regular tree plantation drives, cleanliness campaigns, and water conservation awareness programs, ROSHNI has made significant contributions to creating a greener and cleaner world.

One of the key initiatives taken by ROSHNI is the distribution of over 4000 cloth bags as part of their campaign “Say No to Plastic Bags”. These bags were not only an alternative to harmful plastic bags but also gave employment opportunities to underprivileged women who were trained in tailoring at the ROSHNI Skill Centre. This virtuous cycle not only promoted the eco-friendly message but also contributed to the economic empowerment of these women.

ROSHNI strongly believes in the power of education and awareness to drive change. Through their environmental programs, they focus on imparting knowledge about waste management, recycling, and sustainable living practices. By educating individuals about the detrimental impacts of plastic pollution and encouraging the use of reusable alternatives, the organization instills a sense of responsibility towards the environment among the masses.

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In addition to distributing cloth bags, ROSHNI actively promotes environmental awareness through regular sessions and nukkad-nataks. These interactive events engage the local communities and spread the message of the importance of protecting Mother Nature. By leveraging the power of street plays, ROSHNI effectively communicates the need for environmental conservation and encourages individuals to adopt sustainable practices in their everyday lives

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Furthermore, ROSHNI organizes regular cleanliness drives, where volunteers enthusiastically participate in cleaning up public spaces, streets, and neighborhoods. These initiatives not only promote a sense of cleanliness but also foster a culture of environmental consciousness. By taking such proactive measures, ROSHNI is actively contributing to the creation of cleaner and healthier communities.

Another crucial aspect of the organization’s environmental efforts is water conservation awareness programs. Recognizing the importance of water as a finite resource, they strive to create awareness about the responsible use of water and the need to conserve it. Through educational sessions, workshops, and community engagement activities, ROSHNI encourages individuals to adopt water-saving practices and make a positive impact on this valuable resource.

In conclusion, ROSHNI’s commitment to the betterment of the environment is evident through its consistent efforts in promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. From conducting tree plantation drives, cleanliness campaigns, and water conservation programs to distributing cloth bags and hosting awareness sessions, the organization actively involves communities and individuals in the protection of the environment.

By supporting economic empowerment, educating the masses, and encouraging responsible practices, ROSHNI is playing a significant role in building a greener future.

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