Women Empowerment – SAFE and KUSHAL-NARI SAFAL-NARI

ROSHNI Organization is committed to empowering women through skill acquisition and generating sustainable livelihood opportunities. Two of their flagship programs, the SAFE (Skill Acquisition for Female Empowerment) Programme, and Kushal-Nari-Safal-Nari Programme, have made a significant impact on the lives of over 7,000 underprivileged women and young girls over the past decade.

The Vocational Training Programme offered by ROSHNI NGO encompasses a wide range of courses designed to enhance women’s skills and provide them with valuable knowledge. These courses include tailoring, beauty culture, computing, personality development, spoken English, marketing, finance, and much more. The Organization recognizes the importance of a comprehensive approach, ensuring that the women not only gain practical skills but also develop their overall personality and communication abilities.

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The training program not only equips women with the necessary skills but also guides them towards employment opportunities. ROSHNI actively collaborates with local businesses and organizations to connect trained women with potential employers. This assistance plays a crucial role in helping women secure jobs that match their newly acquired skills, fostering their economic independence and self-reliance.

In addition to employment, ROSHNI also supports women in setting up their own businesses after the completion of their training. They provide guidance, mentorship, and support to aspiring entrepreneurs in various fields, helping them establish their enterprises and become self-employed. This approach promotes entrepreneurship and financial empowerment among women, enabling them to take control of their own lives and contribute to their families and communities.

The impact of the SAFE Programme and Kushal-Nari-Safal-Nari Programme extends beyond the individual beneficiaries. By empowering women with skills and livelihood opportunities, ROSHNI is actively contributing to the economic growth of communities, promoting gender equality, and challenging societal norms that hinder women’s progress.

Moreover, ROSHNI’s approach goes beyond mere vocational training. They focus on holistic development, assisting women in developing their confidence, self-esteem, and leadership abilities. Through personality development sessions and other support mechanisms, women are encouraged to break free from societal barriers and pursue their dreams with conviction.

The success stories of women who have benefited from the SAFE Programme and Kushal-Nari-Safal-Nari Programme are a testament to ROSHNI’s impact. These women have not only transformed their own lives but also become role models in their communities. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to other women, motivating them to step out of their comfort zones and seize opportunities for growth and empowerment.

In conclusion, ROSHNI’s commitment to empowering women through skills training and livelihood generation has positively impacted the lives of over 7,000 underprivileged women and young girls. By offering a diverse range of vocational courses, facilitating employment opportunities, and supporting entrepreneurship, ROSHNI is paving the way for women’s economic independence and societal progress.

Through the SAFE Programme and Kushal-Nari-Safal-Nari Programme, ROSHNI is enabling women to break free from the chains of inequality and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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