Happy Republic Day

On the 26th of January 2023, a vibrant and patriotic celebration took place at the ROSHNI Centre in Rangpuri Pahadi, Vasant Kunj, as they commemorated the 74th Republic Day. The event was dedicated to educating and enlightening young children about our nation, its rich history, and the significance of this important day.

The festivities at ROSHNI Centre were filled with enthusiasm and energy. The young participants eagerly absorbed the knowledge and lessons shared with them. The event aimed to instill a sense of pride, love, and understanding towards our nation among the little ones, empowering them to become responsible citizens.

The celebration featured various engaging activities such as storytelling sessions, educational games, and interactive sessions where the children were encouraged to ask questions and actively participate. This interactive approach ensured that the children not only gained knowledge but also enjoyed the learning experience.

Through these activities, the children were exposed to the glorious history of our nation, including the struggles and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, as well as the vision and ideals that our Constitution upholds. The event helped them appreciate the significance of our democratic values and the importance of maintaining unity and diversity in our society.

Overall, the Republic Day celebration at ROSHNI Centre was a memorable and impactful event that succeeded in instilling a sense of patriotism and pride in the young minds. By imparting knowledge and spreading awareness, the center played a vital role in shaping the future generation into responsible and informed citizens who are dedicated to making a positive contribution to our nation.