Inaugurating a New Centre on New Year’s

On January 1st 2023, ROSHNI inaugurated a new centre at Maharana Pratap Bhat Sewa Basti, Tughlakabad, Delhi. We had been conducting surveys in that locality for quite a while by then, and concluded that the children of more than 200 families in that basti were not going to schools, and not acquiring any kind of educational knowledge. The kids of that basti were often seen playing cards, begging, eve-teasing young girls, using abusive language and getting involved in complicit activities. The situation was totally devastating in our eyes, they were in dire need to be taught about morality, to be made literate. Keeping all of that in mind, ROSHNI started a centre where about 50 families have pledged to teach their children so that they lead a better life and have enrolled their kids in ROSHNI’s Teaching Programme.