Help the Needy People

“A human in need is a human indeed.”

Life is having Two times a meal in the day. Poverty is a big issue in India so there are thousands of needy people who really deserve support and help. Giving them moral support and respect makes them feel that someone really cares about them. By helping them with opportunity and support them at every point. Helping a needy person is like serving God.

Kindness and empathy are humanity. When a person is in dire need, one who is better provided than him must help the needy person with all sorts of support he can serve. It is our duty as human beings and Indian citizens that we help each other grow and thrive.

No matter what happens mankind always remains the best species of nature. Should I keep nature beautiful, kindness is to be practiced.

Helping the poor and needy people is a good deed.

Roshni( Sanstha) help needy ones in the following manner:

  • Roshni (Sanstha) collects old and rejected clothes and distributes them among the people who can’t afford to buy them.
  • In the winter season, we distribute blankets, mattresses, and warm clothes among deprived society in Delhi NCR.
  • Distribute mid-day meal in Govt. Schools.
  • In winters we provide shelters to the people residing on stress and roads.
  • Cloth Distribution Like every year we had organized Cloth and other necessary items distribution programs in Delhi-NCR.


In India, due to unplanned urbanization, day-to-day changes in climatic conditions, lacking the awareness of disaster management, and epidemics & pandemics create a situation where services and interventions are required to save the life or the environment at the time of disaster emergency.

Roshni Sanstha initiated to help children and their families, especially widows who lost their survival support in disaster by food & clothes distribution and other need at the time of calamities under the Disaster Response program. Some of the calamities in Uttarakhand and Bihar flood Roshni Sanstha help to rebuild the lives by facilitating their education, healthcare, and livelihood.

The Roshni Sanstha is working on this issue organized by various awareness and training programs base on scientific research for farmers and arrange various high yield seeds.

Help the Needy People