Sachin, a 9-year-old boy, lives in the Maharana Pratap Bhat Sewa Basti near Tughlaqabad. His life hadn’t been easy as his father had passed away, leaving his mother to bear the responsibility of earning their daily bread and butter. Despite her relentless efforts, Sachin’s mother couldn’t afford to provide him with an education. 

It was during this time that ROSHNI stepped in to lend a helping hand. Recognizing the potential in Sachin, they offered him a chance to turn his life around. Sachin, a sincere and determined child, embraced this opportunity with open arms.

He enrolled in the ROSHNI Learning Centre, where he could pursue his education completely free of charge. The organization provided him with a supportive environment and quality education, ensuring that no child was left behind due to financial constraints.

Under the guidance of dedicated teachers and mentors, Sachin thrived academically. He discovered a love for learning and nurtured his talents, with dreams of a brighter future. ROSHNI not only provided Sachin with an education but also instilled in him a sense of self-belief and purpose.

With each passing day, Sachin’s potential transformed into tangible achievements. His hard work and determination paid off, as he excelled in his studies, showing remarkable progress. He became an inspiration not only to his peers but also to his community. 

The journey may not have been easy, but with ROSHNI’s intervention, Sachin’s path is brighter than ever. He is determined to make the most of this second chance and is filled with gratitude towards the organization that believed in him when few others did. With education as his weapon, Sachin is ready to conquer the world and create a future that now holds countless opportunities that were once merely dreams.