Anita was a poor widow struggling to make ends meet after her husband’s sudden demise. With no source of income, she faced numerous challenges in providing for her family. However, her life took a positive turn when ROSHNI stepped in to support her.

We recognized Anita’s potential and decided to financially assist her in opening a Tailoring Centre. This opportunity not only enabled Anita to sustain her family but also empowered her to teach the skill of stitching to other underprivileged girls in her community. The center became a ray of hope for many young girls who yearned for a brighter future.

Anita in ROSHNI
Anita with our President Ashutosh Kumar Jha

Anita’s determination and passion for stitching radiated through her teachings. As the news spread, more and more girls flocked to her center every day, eager to learn this valuable skill. Anita’s students ranged from teenage girls to older women, all seeking to improve their lives through the art of tailoring.

Under Anita’s guidance, these girls not only honed their stitching abilities but also gained self-confidence and a sense of independence. They formed a close-knit community, supporting and encouraging one another along this journey of empowerment.

Anita’s Tailoring Centre soon attracted the attention from local clothing boutiques and designers who were impressed by the exceptional craftsmanship displayed by her students. The center became a hub for producing high-quality garments, and the orders started pouring in.

Anita with our Volunteers
Anita with our Volunteers

With the additional income from these orders, Anita was able to expand her center, creating more opportunities for aspiring young girls who aspired to be skilled tailors. She dreams of transforming her center into a full-fledged training institute, where underprivileged girls could gain comprehensive knowledge about the garment industry.

Anita’s story has now become an inspiration for the entire community. Her resilience, hard work, and the support provided by our Organization uplifted her family and empowered countless others.