Kajal, a bright and curious 6-year-old girl, lived in the urban slums of Maharana Pratap Bhat Sewa Basti near Tughlaqabad. Unfortunately, her parents held deep-rooted beliefs about gender roles, believing that girls should be confined to their homes and taught only how to become good wives.

But change was about to come knocking on their door in the form of Team ROSHNI as we are strongly dedicated to empowering girls and breaking through the walls of traditional gender norms. We believe that every child, regardless of gender, deserves the opportunity to receive an education and flourish in their own right.

With unwavering determination, Team ROSHNI approached Kajal’s parents, aiming to open their eyes to a brighter future for their daughter. We passionately advocated for the importance of education, enlightening Kajal’s parents about the numerous benefits it could bring to their young girl’s life.



After many heartfelt discussions, Kajal’s parents began to reconsider their beliefs. Slowly but surely, the walls of tradition began to crumble, making space for new possibilities. Finally, Kajal’s parents agreed to let their daughter embark on an educational journey.

Filled with excitement and hope, Kajal embarked upon her new adventure at the ROSHNI Learning Center. There, she found a safe and nurturing environment where she could express herself fully. Surrounded by teachers who believed in her potential, Kajal’s thirst for knowledge grew by leaps and bounds.

As the days turned into weeks and then months, Kajal’s transformation has been awe-inspiring. She has blossomed into a confident and intellectually curious young girl who is eager to learn about the world around her. The once-held beliefs of her parents faded into the background, replaced by an unshakeable belief in their daughter’s capabilities.

Through the dedication and perseverance of Team ROSHNI, Kajal’s life took a turn for the better. She has now become a symbol of empowerment and inspiration, proving that education has the power to break barriers and change lives. With Kajal leading the way, the urban slum of Maharana Pratap Bhat Sewa Basti began to see the immense value in educating their daughters, opening the doors to countless possibilities for future generations.