MENSTRUAL HYGIENE must be on point!

ROSHNI believes in working at the grass root levels of the issues it deals with. Supporting that statement, on 18th November 2022, ROSHNI organized a MENSTRUAL HYGIENE WORKSHOP at Universal Public School, A-Block, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110092. A physical interaction with around 100 young girls was held, explaining every little detail with dos-and-don’ts, busting deep-rooted myths and superstitions, encouraging them to not follow the common perception of treating menstruation as a taboo and answering all their curious questions. Later an animated session was also arranged on a projector screen, feeding the curiosity of the young minds. The workshop was conducted with the complete support from the school authority and teachers. A donation of 1200 Sanitary Napkins was also made by our team to the girls as they were made aware of its proper usage. Little girls were patiently engaged during the whole session.