Promoting SHGs

Throughout the years, Team ROSHNI has exhibited unwavering dedication in their mission to empower women and promote self-sufficiency. In their efforts, they have conducted sessions within the community to encourage women to form Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Demonstrating their commitment, between 20th and 30th March, several women enrolled in the program and successfully initiated a self-help group in Rangpuri Pahadi.

This inspiring group collectively began offering tailoring services to their locality, establishing a valuable source of income for themselves. Moreover, another self-help group emerged in VP Singh Camp and Bhat Basti, Tughlakabad, with women expressing their desire to work in the food sector. ROSHNI provided ongoing support and guidance to these women, imparting information regarding various government benefits available to them.

By actively encouraging the formation of SHGs and providing vital guidance, ROSHNI has facilitated the journey of these women towards financial independence. Through their initiatives, ROSHNI has not only equipped these women with the means to earn a livelihood but also empowered them to emerge as strong, self-reliant individuals within their communities.