Say NO to Single use of Plastic Bag

There are a number of reasons to say no to plastic bags. We must stop using them to better our environment and save it from degradation. There are various eco-friendly alternatives that can be used to stop the usage of plastic bags.

Firstly, plastic bags are a major source of plastic pollution. As they are non-biodegradable, they take years to decompose. They contribute to a lot of waste which keeps collecting over the years. Plastic takes thousands of years to break down and decompose. It remains in the land which contributes to the rising problem of land pollution.

Similarly, it also causes water pollution. As people throw away the bags carelessly on the roads, in the drains and rivers, they enter the water bodies. They are carried away by winds in them and sometimes dumped into water deliberately. This plastic bag goes deep in the water and also hampers the aquatic life.

Furthermore, plastic bags contaminate the soil causing hindrance to growth of plants. They seep into the soil after breaking down and remain there causing infertility in soils. The chemical hampers the soil and interferes with agriculture.

Most importantly, plastic causes the death of animals. The animals have no sense of what to eat and what to avoid. The stray animals gulp down plastic bags that get stuck in their bodies. In other words, this causes serious illnesses in their bodies. Sometimes, they choke to death after eating plastic bags.

With such dreadful impacts, one can atleast try to avoid the single use of plastic bags. 11th March, 2022, was the day of the Awareness Program about Single use of Plastic Bag, organized by ROSHNI, at Dr. B.R. Sur Homeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Moti Bagh, New Delhi. Mrs. Archana Agnihotri, Social Activist and Director, Samadhan Abhiyan; Mrs. Gargi Lakahanpal, Director, VridhCare; and Shri Atul Goyal, Environment Activist, President, URJA; were invited as the Guest of Honour. The Health Director and The Deputy Director of Delhi Government also embraced us with their presence. Shri Vijay Dhall, Chief Patron, Roshni; Pooja Arya, Patron, Roshni; Suraj Kumar, General Secretary, Roshni; Dr. Rakesh Singh, Vice-President, Roshni; Anuradha Chauhan, Director, Roshni and many more volunteers, doctors and social activists were present to appreciate our efforts towards the environment. Nukkad Natak was organised by our volunteers, speeches were also delivered by our guests. Over 300 cloth bags were distributed in the audience and to the patients as well. This event wouldn’t have commenced with the ultimate support in the form of sponsorship, by, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), Shubh Tradex Private Limited, Bharat Oil & Waste Management Limited and Strategic Environment Protection Laboratory.