Donate for COVID-19 Relief


Donate for COVID-19 Relief

The COIVD-19 patients need your help to breathe, the poor-jobless and needy people in the worldwide pandemic seek your support. Help Us in Helping others in the COVDI-19 situation.

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‘COVID-19 (Corona) Relief for Poor Students & Community’ Program  dedicated to all the homeless and helpless people of streets and rural areas of India and the poor students who cannot afford a basic livelihood in the present time of  worldwide pandemic caused due to Corornavirus. 

Team ROSHNI is running various activities under the Program to help the people  who are in need this time. Last year when nationwide lockdown was announced  our team had helped more than 3500 people in Delhi-NCR and small villages of  Bihar and Uttar Pradesh by distributing Ration, Spreading Awareness, Basic  Medicines, Free masks and Sanitizers among the communities.  

Since last year we have not stopped, we have continued our Program by helping  the poor immigrants in urban cities in Delhi-NCR region, helping poor students by  providing them online classes in villages who cannot afford Laptops and Internet  Connection. 


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